Frequently Asked Questions - File Use 

  1. Do the files work for everyone?

    These are generic files. They will not work the same
    for everyone. Some files will not work at all on some
    people. Others will work surprisingly well.
  2. Do the files work immediately?

    Only for a very few suggestible people. Your best bet is to listen to a file several times over several days. Remember, the effects can be subtle and can sneak up on you. There have been several posts from people, who thought that a file as not working then realised later that it was.
  3. I'm new to this, what should I know?

    If you are new to hypnosis then don't listen to a file and expect it to work. Build yourself up to it by listening to plain induction files several times to get used to trancing. Then try others.
  4. The file I'm trying isn't working, what should I do?

    Try some easy files like TrigFreeze. There is a file to test if it works. Listen to the file, try the test. Don't fight it. You are training yourself to work with the files. Build on success. The more extreme files like curses may take several listenings to work. Also, their success will depend on how much you want them to work.
  5. Can I really transform my body(breast/penis growth etc.)?

    There has been a lot of argument about this and some physical changes might not be possible, but the human mind is capable of incredible things so who am I to say. The worst thing that will happen is nothing.
  6. What can I do to make the files work better?

    Listen to the files when you are the least likely to be distracted. Choose a time when your already feeling relaxed and listen then. Some people have good success first thing in the morning or right before bed. Another thing that may help is to repeat what's being said as you listen so that you focus only on the file.
  7. What is it like when you go into a trance?

    The vast majority of people will experience trance differently depending on what induction was used, how you feel, etc.. To be more specific: you can feel light and floaty or heavy and wieghed down; hot, cold, or warm; your muscles could tense or relax all the way; or you might have visual/audial/kinesthetic hallucinations. And, your experience of trance may be different each time you trance.
  8. What is a "curse" file?

    A "curse" file is a file that has suggestions implanted to make it resistant to removal by others or the DeprogramAll file. Curses are intended to be more permanent and harder to remove than training files.
  9. Can you recommend some sources for learning hypnosis?

    www.hypnosis.com is a good site. Also you might try going to your library to see what books they have on the subject.

    Here's a list of good books to read if you're interested in learning to hypnotise others/yourself:

    Hypnotherapy by Dave Elman

    Monsters and Magical Sticks: There is No Such Thing as Hypnosis by Steven Heller and Terry Steele

    Look Into My Eyes by Peter Masters(also has applications for bdsm/sex related activities)

    Books by Richard Bandler and John Grinder:


    Structure of Magic volume 1

    Books about/by Milton Erickson:

    My Voice Will Go With You(Edited by Sidney Rosen)

    Hypnotic Realities

    Experiencing Hypnosis

    Phoenix: Therapeutic patterns of Milton Erickson by David Gordon

    Patterns of the Hypnotic Techniques of Milton Erickson volumes 1&2 by Richard Bandler and John Grinder

    Other interesting books(related but not about):

    Influence by Robert Cialdini(you'll find this one very interesting)

    Prometheus Rising by Robert Anton Wilson(people who think you're freaks or abnormal in any way, read this)
  10. Do subliminal files really work?

    No, and yes. I have seen research that indicates both so I will just say that the jury is still out. So far some users have reported great successes after having used subliminal files, while others have not.
  11. I listened to a file thinking that it wouldn't work. I don't want this effect. Is there any way to remove it?

    Certainly. There are three methods available to have the effects of a file removed. First, if the file you listened to was one of the "curse" files: you will have to send a payment to EMG to have the effect removed, or pay to have a local practitioner of hypnosis remove the effect, or let some other hypnotist who is willing to do it for free remove the effect. Second, if the file is not one of the "curse files: you can download and listen to the DeprogramAll mp3 at WMM under Files/Other/Training(or All) to remove the effect. To pay EMG click on services, then "Remove a Curse". This costs $30 a pop.
  12. Is this dangerous?

    If you use unchanged files downloaded directly from this site, you may consider yourself safe.
  13. I read that there are currently three theories about trance. Can you tell me more?

    There are at least three theories about hypnosis/trance. These three are the: special state theory, non-state theory, and the unified theory of hypnosis. At WMM, theories don't matter. Any practitioner of hypnosis that chooses to believe or not to believe any theory of hypnosis is just as capable of inducing trance in a subject as any other.
  14. I heard that some people just aren't able to go into a trance. Is that true?

    No. Each person is just as capable as the next when it comes to being able to go into a trance(with only a few medical exceptions). Now, it is true that each person is different. Some people will find it easier to go into a trance than others and some will respond to some inductions better than others. Try the various inductions on the site if you have troubles and find out which is best for you.
  15. What do all the little symbols on the file description mean?

    There is currently a Google Doc that breaks everything down, I plan to add a better way of using it but haven't yet. To view the doc go here: File System Explained