• 002 ABDL Diaper Cum Brainwash - Induction    

    This induction (only) audio is the 1st part of my Diaper Cum Brainwash Hypnosis focused on being trained to be diapered and you can only cum in your diapers.  Secondary suggestion of the complete file is how big and bulky your diapers are. I have been a certified clinical hypnotherapist through HMI since 2005, and have spent over 20 years helping sissies achieve their goals and have been an ABDL Mommy since 2017.

    All of my complete hypnosis files include voice and music overlays, bridges and loops. Complete files and bundles at 30% off, along with 100s of 5 star reviews of my hypnosis can be found on my website today at  hypnosissyhypnosis.com

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    Length: 11:53
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