• 001 ABDL Diaper Cummies Hypnosis Loop    

    This is just a free 10 minute hypno loop of my diaper cum hypnosis audio, the advanced level.  The full files are over 3+ hours with 5 recordings and can be purchased at hypnosissyhypnosis.com

    The full audio includes:

    Diaper Hypnosis

    Advanced Diaper Cum Brainwash Hypnosis 

    180+ Minutes Hypnosis Audio

    5 Recordings - 2 with/2 without induction

    2 with voice overlay

    Bonus 2 hour loop

    Hypnosis Bridges


    This includes my Advanced Diaper Cum Brainwash Hypnosis audio. The main diaper hypnosis suggestion is brainwashing you to only cum in your diapers, making lots of "cummies" and making mommy happy by cumming in your diapers. Secondary suggestions are incontinence and the bulkiness of the diapers. I highly recommend using my hypnosis audio in order of intensity. I have been a certified clinical hypnotherapist through HMI since 2005, and have been a professional ABDL Mommy since 2017. 


    I kindly like to remind all buyers that all of my hypnosis recordings are for personal use only, are copyright protected through RE LLC, and are not to be remastered to be resold, resold as is, or shared on any private or public platforms. Wording of my hypnosis inductions, scripts and final products are not to be plagiarized for use in public or private sharing or in resale products. Thank you for understanding.


    ALL HYPNOSIS AUDIO IS FOR PERSONAL ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK. Most are able to be hypnotized, but there is a small percentage of those who are not able to be hypnotized. Hypnosis does not work for everyone.

    Copyright protected The Sissy Hypnotist RE LLC



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