• 004 ABDL Diaper Shrinking Bladder Brainwash    

    EXTREME Shrinking Bladder Brainwash Hypnosis Induction

    You can purchase the complete bundle of files at: hypnosissyhypnosis.com

    The complete bundle includes: 6 Hours Of Extreme Hypnosis Audio

    8 Recordings - 3 with/3 without induction

    4 With Hypnotic Lullaby In Background!

    2 With Binaural Beats!

    2 -2 Hour Hypno Loops - 1 With Reverse Speech

    Extreme Level+

    This includes my Extreme Shrinking Bladder Brainwash Hypnosis audio. It is my newest ABDL diaper hypnosis audio hyper focused on Mommy shrinking your bladder until it's the size of a dime and can only hold a "sip" of water. The other main suggestion is complete urinary incontinence, and only Mommy can reverse your tiny bladder. Secondary suggestion is drinking lots of water. I have been a certified clinical hypnotherapist through HMI since 2005, and have been a professional ABDL Mommy since 2017. 

    This is the EXTREME Level of my hypnosis. What's new compared to my Advanced Level? First there are files of both the complete hypnosis track with induction and just the script WITHOUT any overlays. I listened to my customers and some prefer the peace of my voice without any distractions. But you still have the tracks with music and voice overlays to choose from. And now the induction takes you down the never ending hypnotic rabbit hole instead of the escalator and the commands are more strict. The audio is fabulous with the music overlays tuned down in the background and there is a 2 hour loop that is in "reverse". Reverse you say? Often as hypnotherapists, there are discussions about the duality of consciousness and reverse speech. In other words, does our subconscious understand words in reverse? Many of us say yes. This bonus track may not be for everyone, but that is why I give you several files to choose from with your purchase.

    I kindly like to remind all listeners and buyers that all of my hypnosis recordings are for personal use only, are copyright protected through RE LLC, and are not to be remastered to be resold, resold as is, or shared on any private or public platforms. Wording of my hypnosis inductions, scripts and final products are not to be plagiarized for use in public or private sharing or in resale products. Thank you for understanding.

    ALL HYPNOSIS AUDIO IS FOR PERSONAL ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK. Most are able to be hypnotized, but there is a small percentage of those who are not able to be hypnotized.


    Copyright protected The Sissy Hypnotist RE LLC

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    Purchased the full package. One of the frighteningly dtrongest hypno experiences I have ever had. Amazing!