• Diaper Gooning For Mommy! Abdl Diaper Hypnosis    

    ABDL Diaper Hypnosis

    EXTREME LEVEL! Diaper Gooning Hypnosis

    This is the induction only - if interested in the full product which includes 5+ hours of audio you can buy it 30% off at hypnosissyhypnosis.com and it includes:

    5+ Hours Of Extreme Hypnosis Audio

    8 Recordings - 3 with/3 without induction

    4 with lullaby in background!

    2 -2 Hour Hypno Loops

    Extreme Level+

    This includes my Extreme Diaper Gooning Hypnosis audio. It is hypnosis audio hyper focused on gooning (edging/masturbating) in your diapers for Mommy, taking your obsession of masturbating in your diapers to another level. You are encouraged to masturbate in your diapers for hours..... Mommy says.... This is the extreme level and you should be prepared, may not be for beginners.

    I kindly like to remind all buyers that all of my hypnosis recordings are for personal use only, are copyright protected through RE LLC.

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