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    This recording creates an instant trance anytime your partner sucks on or fondles your nipples during which you are suggestible to anyone. Cultivate this effect as an addiction so you constantly crave your nipples stimulated. Playing with them yourself makes you want to serve your partner, buy gifts, perform maid duties, misc submissive acts of devotion,  etc. If your nipples are being fondled by your partner during an orgasm, there is also a compulsion to crawl to your place and perform oral sex. This is the ultimate session for combining a love for erotic hypnosis with a nipple fetish. This is the same script written by SlutinmyHead, but recorded by Angel - who is female.

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    Length: 28:38
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    slutinmyhead. I tried to send a message but i dont see where i can send you a pm. Via twitter i have apologized me. Im dumb and will make it better and more carefull.
    Not sure what's going on, but I can be reached via this site or at slutinmyhead@gmail.com.
    Really need more triggers for submissives like this. Very few of them about. This works, but really needed to be made in a quieter environment, a longer induction and possibly a binaural background. Would be great to see "a kiss boots = submissive and suggestive".