• My Biggest Fan - Monogamous Version — $20    

    This recording increases the aura of sexuality you associate with your husband. He is a porn star in your eyes and you have a compulsion to record him. Collect more porn with your husband in it. As your collection grows, so does your deference to him. Feel this thrill like spending time with someone famous, with yourself taking on the role of a groupie or biggest fan. Become his slave while encouraging him to do dirtier and more perverted things for the camera. Be obsessed with him and filming him and making sure his every want and need is not just met, but exceeded. Your role in his life is to accommodate anything he wants.Themes include husband worship and servitude, and voyeurism and exhibitionism in regard to enjoying filming and being filmed. Basically, if you’re down with all this stuff, you are going to love this long, powerful hypnosis session. Comments and feedback always appreciated. WWW.SLUTINMYHEAD.COM

    Rating: ★★★★★ (1)
    Length: 58:55
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