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    This recording increases the aura of sexuality you associate with your partner. He is a porn star in your eyes and you have a compulsion to record him. Collect more porn with your partner in it. As your collection grows, so does your deference to him. Feel this thrill like spending time with someone famous, with yourself taking on the role of a groupie or biggest fan. Become his slave while encouraging him to do dirtier and more perverted things for the camera. Be obsessed with him and filming him and making sure his every want and need is not just met, but exceeded. Your role in his life is to accommodate anything he wants. Encourage him to include additional performers to add variety to your videos. It’s normal to develop an attraction to them when they smell like him and the two of them invite your participation.


    Themes include:

    Idealization, deference and worship towards your partner

    Wanting pornographic recordings of your partner, including a desire to record them

    Desire to record your partner with others, including willingness to scout for talent

    Willingness to be recorded by your partner doing whatever is requested, including with others

    Support your partner watching porn or studying anything to do with porn production

    Wanting to self-improve and grow with your partner, including supporting your mutual growth

    Pheromone intoxication

    Only getting aroused for your partner, including forgetting how to become aroused or orgasm except when focused on your beloved, which may include pictures, recordings or just intense focus

    Submission triggers

    Foot worship

    This version is for gay men. Comments and feedback appreciated are why I'm sharing this file, so please leave some. For my whole catalog, visit WWW.SLUTINMYHEAD.COM

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    Length: 1:13:39
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    WOW. It's like this file was made for my relationship. I've been trying to think of the perfect setup for a past month now. I'm 25 and my bf is 20 and we live apart so I let him hookup and tell me about it, but this file is *chef's kiss*. It diverts my selfish porn addiction back to my bf which releases a lot of the guilt of uncontrollably jerking off to other things not related to my bf. If I'm with someone, I want to be focused on them and the relationship and this file does that 100% in a loving and super sexual way. The me being my bf's #1 fan is already true anyways because ever since I met him I was like wow, he's the cutest twink I've ever seen and the first night together I pretty much worshipped his body and I hate that time lessens that feeling, and this mindset in the file brings it back. Especially with the reinforcement of only edging to porn of the bf, I can see this being the perfect setup for me. I don't like hooking up unless my bf is involved anyways, and the suggestion about pheromones is perfecttttt for meeee fuckkkkkk. Ugh just so much about this file I could go on and on. The only thing I'm iffy on is the last part anout an alpha, but I'll just add the condition in my head that that'll only happen if it's actually best for our relationship, because it is a hot idea but idk if it would be too much for me. But yes this file is... the best ever and perfect and its so specific it feels like it was made for me or that slutinmyhead took a tour in my head for a night and came up with this file for me. I'm not one to usually get tranced, so this file is so hot the first time I listened to it I edged the whole time, took a break, listened and edged again but to pics of my bf and came at the end of the file to my bf's pics. Hopefully soon I'll have videos of my bf >:) But yes my bf is so hot to me anyways I don't want anyone else and he's a bit of a slut he loves sex with others so this is effing perfect. And I've always had the mindset of not limiting a partner in a relationship and growing together and this file takes that idea in an interesting and hot direction mmmmph omg... I've also listened to "Thought control - Partner Positivity" which pairs exquisitely with this file further enforcing the pedestal and #1 fan aspects and puts this file in overdrive.