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    Several of my fans have recently asked how they can serve me. The answer is complicated. There are lots of things you can do from buying my recordings to sharing feedback to promoting my work to others. But these are selfish things for me to ask. These are things I hope you do without my asking. Instead, what I feel comfortable asking you to do for me are the things that will improve your life overall, perhaps giving you greater mental and emotional resources to find your own path to serving me. This recording is my answer to this oft-repeated question. This recording is suitable for everyone. It contains nothing erotic or self-serving, but is simply a collection of my most frequently given advice to patients. Following these suggestions will improve anyone's life. Remember this when listening to my more diabolical recordings that I am ultimately helping you become the best person you can be. Check out that diabolical shit at www.slutinmyhead.com. Voting and comments make me love sharing. Thank you!!

    Self Help
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    More just a good advice file than a hypno file. Quite benign.