• Uncontrollable Wetting and Messing Trance — $75    

    In this 90 minute file, I guide your mind, bladder and bowel muscles to lose control permanently. The power of trance gets deeper and deeper and your mind learns to respond to the desire to wet or mess by relaxing your bladder and bowel muscles. Muscle exercises these muscles to become loose and responsive so you can wet and mess uncontrollably, without even being aware of it. I also plant several deep subliminal suggestions to help you have eating and drinking habits that will encourage uncontrollable wetting and messing. This is designed for those who want true permanent, long lasting bladder AND bowel incontinence. This means you are prepared to wear diapers at all times after listening to this. Repeated listening will strengthen the effects of the mesmerizing hypnosis file, and best results are achieved if you listen every week. If you find that your bowel muscles tend to be clenched, this file in combination with my bowel weakening file can help you.

    Bladder + Bowel
    Rating: ★★★★★ (3)
    Length: 1:30:12
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    Where are the subliminals?
    Did it work the price is just sketchy because the ones ive bought dont work i wish there was one only for wetting no stinky involved. Thank you
    This for sure works I regret it I wish there was one just for wetting like this but I have had multiple accidents after listening be warned
    Definitely works such a weird feeling loosing control diapers full time for me now