• Bowel Weakening Subliminal Hypnosis — $75 — ON SALE $60    

    In this 67 minute recording I use a powerful subliminal trance to alter the way you perceive your bowels and to retrain your bowel muscles to be weaker, leaving long term effects. You mind learns to relax and accept the weakening. When you get the urge to go poop, instead of tightening your muscles, your mind and body will relax. You will find that it's harder to fight the urge and that you have to get to a bathroom sooner after the urge starts. Listening to this once a week will cause your bowel muscles to be a little bit weaker, but not completely incontinent. If you listen to this multiple times a week, the effects will get stronger over time and could lead to incontinence (this is a gradual process). You will notice some effects on your bowels muscles and your ability to control your urge within hours after listening to this recording.

    Rating: ★★★★★ (2)
    Length: 1:07:41
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    I can't wait to get this one, my favorite thing about your files are the different approach, where a lit of the same files go to the same places you do storytime or talk about a diet plan, it's really nice.
    has anyone actually bought this and listened to it? $75 is not a small amount of money to potentially waste.
    I’ve bought this and uncontrollable wetting and messing. They are really expensive and I wouldn’t really recommend getting them unless you’re really into this and have a lot of disposable income. $75 almost buys a case of diapers. However, if this is what you really want and you have the money I wouldn’t necessarily call it a waste. These are lovely and very effective. I was expecting some subliminals hence the name, I do enjoy a few voices that can’t really understand but it’s still nice knowing those messages are there for my subconscious, anyway, those aren’t there. Maybe there are silent subliminals but I can’t hear them, though I guess that would be the point. No binaurals either. Just a loving hypno mommy teaching you how to poop yourself for an hour. Her voice alone is extremely comforting and hypnotic. Even without the other stuff I like I love this. And I love my mommy. I love doing what she says and she really makes me feel more comfortable in what I like and am beginning to need more and more. I purged a few years ago but the thoughts eventually crawled back, after I discovered hypno mommy I caved and I know I’ll never purge again. I’m not diapered 24/7 bc my daily life doesn’t really allow it but even when I’m not diapered it’s all I think about. Whenever I have to use a toilet I know I’d rather mess myself. I get so turned on when I feel myself relaxed and know I could almost mess my panties at any time. I wouldn’t say Im completely incontinent but I’ve definitely had some accidents bc of this one. The last time there wasn’t even any shock over what happened. I just enjoyed the feeling of it coming out. I know hypno mommy helped me to be this happy and confident with myself. The thing about accidents is they’re different from being naughty and just messing yourself on purpose which I did. There’s something about losing control and knowing you can’t help it, and knowing that you made yourself this way willingly makes it all the better. This file is really good at that. I feel so helpless in knowing that I eventually need someone to take care of me and I will love being their poopy baby girl. Anyway, that’s my testimony, sorry for the block of text. TLDR; it’s a lot of money to burn but this is just as good a fire as any.
    Definitely be careful it permanent AF