• Always Hopelessly Horny and Helplessly Hard — $25 — ON SALE $20    

    You will be made constantly erect and aroused by this 45 minute rollercoaster of hypnotic techniques.  From the classic induction to mantra/affirmation based brainwashing that bleeds over into deep visualization programming involving an old-time carnival and a twisted gypsy curse with post-hypnotic suggestions seeded throughout, all of it designed to not only stoke and titillate your subconscious but also alter and influence your conscious decisions to do everything possible to keep yourself horny and hard as often as possible for as long as possible.


    In short, if you want to be reduced to nothing but a horny little chronically masturbating boner boy, this is the curse for you.

    Rating: ★★★★★ (9)
    Length: 45:34
    Downloads: 194
    Omg you did it. Can’t wait for you to create even more insane files
    It’s like instead of cumming while stroking I just get harder and harder
    I really enjoyed this, it was probably one of the few files I really got into. Though I don't really care for the bit of pre.ejac.bit with women, but overall, it felt awesome
    I'm interested but I don't have the funds currently. Imagine if a permanently chaste boy listened to this and it happened to work on them..