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    All-new conditioning for true pathological sissies, this file is just what you need to truly **sparkle** and live the joyful girly girl existence you deserve sweetie. 

    Don't be fooled by its unassuming title, Sweet Surrender is not to be taken lightly and will have extreme and irreversible effects on those who choose to listen. 

    Extremely powerful bimbo brainwashing - this file is appropriate for all true sissies but truly ideal for experienced, long-time listeners.   

    Your fluffy little mind will come to understand that being a pretty slut for strong masculine men is the most important thing in the whole wide world.

    The desire to feminize yourself to perfection and be a pretty pussified plaything for strong masculine men will be overwhelming to put it mildly princess. 

    Girly girl happiness and sheer sissy serenity are all but guaranteed as a result of listening to this powerful and extremely addictive brainwashing session sweetie. 

    Yes sweetie, it's time to dress up pretty and listen obediently like a very good girl. 

    Note: An additional version with the original background music is available at no extra cost to those who purchase the file (simply click 'Body' next to the main download link upon purchase) 

    This file is free for the rest of December via my new shop site linked below.



    Rating: ★★★★★ (3)
    Length: 37:58
    Downloads: 174
    idk if youll ever read this mommy, but dont chu ever ever evr ever ever ever ever ever ever ever EVER stop making sissy fairy princess hypno! i truly do believe goddess mommy gracie is my true fairy god mother!
    could you perhaps do a file design to make the listener hate jerking off/masturbating any way other than anal?
    If Goddess Gracie replies to this i will listen to no more diddles, sweet surrender, acceptance curse and resistance dissolver atleast 1x a week and i will only release from sissygasms. I promise i will do this for the rest of the year if Goddess Gracie acknowledges me by replying to this! (now i'm scared)
    This ones is really nice! Very enjoyable :)
    I'd have to say this is one of the best files I think GG has ever made. Highly hypnotic! It took me to the edge and off down the waterfall! LoL! :P
    Just letting you all know this file is free via SparkleVisionxo.com for the rest of the month! The WMM price is temporarily lowered to $10 as there is no option to make it free or cheaper.