• School Girl 1- College Girl Adventures    

    "You are so cute! In your starched, white blouse... and your
        little plaid skirt! Oh yes, you look so darling and innocent!
        But you and I BOTH know... don't we? You've got a demon-streak
        in you. You love to tease the boys... AND the girls...
        Meeting in the biology class, under the lab benches, pulling
        your skirt up and spreading your legs so wide... Feeling
        their fingers... their tongues... Maybe a hard, buzzing
        vibrator... Or a cock... Or even something else... a cell
        phone... or a hockey stick! You hear the door open, and all
        of you hastily crawl out from under the table, straightening
        your clothes... But you can see it in My eyes... I've CAUGHT
        you again, you little slut! You're going to need some proper
        discipline... in the Principal's Office!"

    Rating: ★★★★★ (1)
    Length: 27:55
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