• Gob Induction File    

    Helps set up triggers and inductions 


    Rating: ★★★★★ (2)
    Length: 21:26
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    Trigger(by yourself)
    I am your slave.
    I am your slave
    This file is very misleading. First off this file is categorized wrong. This file is very male focused and the speaker sounds like a male. Also the triggers he gives the listener doesn't seem to be self trigger able Second, this file gives the listener 3 triggers which the file doesn't tell the listener at the beginning of the recording. These triggers are as follows: a trigger that deepens the trance the listener is in, a trigger that makes the listener become hard and get closer to an orgasm with repeated use, and a trigger that makes the listener obey the suggestion of this hypnotist and think it is their own idea. The hypnotist uses all 3 triggers in the file, the last one is to message him to say "I am your slave" and that is at the end of the file. He doesn't give any warning about this at the beginning of the file Overall this isn't just an induction file, it is very clear this file is suppose to turn the male listener into his slave. If you want that then go for it, I am just making things very transparent here for the people that are mislead by the vague title, vague description, and the wrong categorizations.
    Thanks darkfox561! Helped me make my decision.
    I am your slave
    I am your slave.
    i am your slave
    I am your slave