• Sissy Blackmail Seduction with Mistress Clarissa — $40   , ,  

    It's time sissy.  It's time to play this dark and delicious game.  You can't move forward without it.  You need to be blackmailed into becoming the sissy cocksucker you were born to be and this session will help you accept that.  If you listen you will find yourself craving to be blackmailed and any other form of domination will just feel a little staged and will not arouse you at all.  You need real consequences and real power exchange and you will find yourself becoming obsessed with the thought of being blackmailed by me.  We will take it slow though sissy, and I promise I'll make it feel good but do be warned that if you listen to this file then your future is certain.  You will be blackmailed into becoming a cocksucking sissy slut and there will be no way out.

    A TTS version of this file is now available.

    I am currently accepting custom orders.  These can be text to speech files or feature Mistress Clarissa or Northern Master.  Prices start at £225 for a 15 min non-exclusive TTS loop.  Full length human voiced files are considerably more.  Please email for details at: ms.julieuk@gmail.com

    Rating: ★★★★★ (1)
    Length: 43:44
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