• Mind Prep #1 — Turning Off    

    This is my new three-part series on Subject Agency. In this series, we will prepare your mind with new skills and adjustments that make it easier for you to get totally mind fucked. Whether you are new to hypnosis, or a long-time mindless subject, I think you will learn something new. The goal is to create empowered subjects with enough agency over their minds that they can safely give control over to another person in further and deeper ways than they could before.

    In part 1, Turning Off, we teach your mind how to turn suggestions on and off at will, consciously or unconsciously. We cover the mechanics of shifting awareness between conscious and unconscious states, so you can temporarily feel as though you are being controlled, and yet still remain in control when necessary. There are overtones of submission and obedience as being desirable parts of being a hypnotic subject, even though the actual suggestions in the file are regarding how to *disobey* suggestions when you need or want to, and emphasizing that you own and control your own mind. There is an anchor suggestion to aid in returning to trance for my voice in futures parts of this series only. 

    The exercises in this lesson take inspiration from classes I attended taught by Chewtoy and HypnoStory.

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