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    Tired of the stresses and pressures and problems of the adult world? Longing to be the carefree, happy, loved and cared for baby that you were always meant to be? This file encourages you to live the happy and loved and carefree life that you have always deserved and craved and desired for your own personal future by developing a healthy amount of envy for the habits and traits and characteristics that little children naturally have that you do not.

    You will become completely jealous of a baby's ability to express their emotions easily and naturally. You might find yourself looking at the diapers and toys and clothing and habits that the other babies have, and wishing that you could be as happy and loved and cared for as they are each and every day of their lives. Learn how to emulate the small children and babies that you meet until you are the happy and giggling baby that you have always desired to be.

    Being an adult is stressful. Become your best self as you easily and naturally live the happy and loved and carefree life that you have always desired.


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    Infant Behavior
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