• Becoming A Girly Girl: Sexual Awakening (TTS) — $35   ,  

    An exciting file full of warmth which will help you to become the girliest girl possible and unlock your deep rooted sexual attraction to men.  You will lose any interest in typically male pursuits and be desperate to rid yourself of any trace of masculinity as you become determined to be girlier than even the girliest girl.  This powerful training session is interspersed with a delicious romantic and erotic fantasy which will leave you craving a man's touch and in doubt at all where your sexual interests lie.  Sex with women will no longer interest you at all, but the thought of sex with a man will make you tingle all over.  This session is positive throughout and contains no humiliation.  This is a text to speech recording, with thanks to Magical Mystic for additional vocal effects.

    Rating: ★★★★★ (2)
    Length: 38:04
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