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    Have you ever found yourself smiling uncontrollably as you fantasize about that perfect someone? Do you wonder what it would be like to be swept off your feet by the person that you love more than anything else in the world? Have you ever watched a romantic movie and found yourself getting excited while you imagine yourself as the main character? Fantasize about your future romantic life more and more as you begin to become obsessed with everything intimate and romantic.

    This file encourages you to easily fall in love with the desirable lovers that you meet in your ideal future. Find yourself loving mushy and romantic movies as you begin imagining what your perfect partner might look like and how they might act. Discover yourself fantasizing about what your future romantic life might be like with everyone that you come into contact with and find yourself giggling and gushing over the people that you become infatuated with. Think about your perfect lover and imagine how happy you will be as you start to fall in love.

    Life is about loving the people that you care about without conditions or reservations. You deserve to love! Let your feelings become your strength as you become your new, perfect, you!


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