• Covered commands for slave girls — $10    

    You have heard from covered hypnosis.

    Covered hypnosis is hypnotizing a person in a dialog without them knowing. 

    It works with emphasis and highlighting of words and phrases, 

    that create a different meaning of the sentence in the unconscious, 

    than how the normal sentence reads.  

    Some see this as unethical brcause it can be done without consent.


    This is about giving covered commands in a consenting Master/slave girl relationship.

    It can be used to quickly put the slave girl in a certain mood, 

    or to ask for feelings that the slave girl is unconsciously or subconsciously holding back.


    It can be used to understand the slave on a much deeper level.

    The slave can experience obeying her Master much more intensely, 

    by bypassing conscious resistance or inhibitions. 


    The slave executes commands as if in a trance, even when she is awake.

    It can happen that she has the feeling 

    that she is carrying out Master's commands of her own accord, 

    even as if the idea came from herself.


    Do it safe, sane and consensual and have fun.

    Btw. the trigger used is: "Good girl accept any command from Master!"

    The script allows you to change the words to your liking and to record it in your own voice 

    or to use a text-to-speech conversion. 

    This file uses fractionating with the trigger phrases 

    "Good girl deeply in trance" and "Good girl completely emerged".

    Use you own triggers to lead your slave girl into trance, give her commands and emerge her.


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