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    A powerful and exciting hypnosis session for all of those struggling with homosexual desires.  This file will make you gay and you will no longer be able to deny how much you are sexually attracted to men.  You will lose any trace of sexual attraction to women and will only be able to achieve climax if you are thinking about sex with a man.  You will no longer be interested in forced bi scenarios or any other strategies you have used to deny what you really want.  That little stick between your legs has always been gay and it's time the rest of you caught up.  You will be gay for the rest of your life if you listen to this file and nothing will be able to change that.  This highly erotic session hints at effeminacy and is intended for those who are submissive and crave dominant masculine men but it contains no overt feminization content.

    This session is recorded with a text to speech recording.

    Rating: ★★★☆☆ (2)
    Length: 41:28
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    Whoever rated this one star must not have read the description. It is exactly as it says it is. Perhaps the TTS memo was missed and that happens not to be their cup of tea, or perhaps they expected hard-core humiliation/degradation- which this is not. And while personally I like the darker stuff- particularly with Mistress Clarissa,
    *continued from above^^^ which I accidentally posted prematurely ... - particularly with Mistress Clarissa- as I truly relish the thrill of tinkering with the architecture of my mind in ways that can only be done via self-destructive/self-indulgent taboos- not every file can be like that, even from the same artist. Besides, there are varying degrees of warnings if actually minding the descriptions. I'm a huge fan boi/gurl, yes, but I can tell what I'm in for via the description. So indeed, this would be considered a nicer file by relative comparison. It is as it says it is in the description. I cannot think of why else someone could rate this 1 star. If you're interested in this subject matter in a more genuine way rather than purely seeking the sheer, visceral rush of annihilating the fundamental architecture of your ego, you will enjoy this file. There is still some emasculation and subtle manipulation here to enjoy along with some genuine self acceptance.
    I'm looking forward to the voiced one. I think Northern Master maybe more effective given the subject matter but I don't mind whether it's Mistress Clarissa or not