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    This IQ reduction module systematically undermines your intelligence, creating holes in your brain through which your mental faculties can just trickle out. You'll find yourself struggling with complex words and numbers, becoming unable to retain 'boring' information such as science and history, and wrestling with reduced impulse control when it comes to things like masturbation and insipid entertainment.

    While this file would pair well with our bimbo or himbo training, it contains no gender specific language and should be suitable for all subjects. 

    `Non-robotic TTS`

    Rating: ★★★★★ (5)
    Length: 37:45
    Downloads: 36
    Wow! Really relaxing!
    This is awesome. Would like to have a more extreme Part 2 of this ... be careful what you wish for :)
    This is a fantastic file, one that definitely feels more impactful with repeated listenings. Definitely leaves a lingering feeling, and I’m curious to see what impacts it might have. I also agree a sequel file that follows more extremes of this idea would be great.
    Very nice file
    The file addiction is strong. I can’t stop listen at least once per day. Effects seem to be like a brain fog sometimes. I hope Ava makes more.