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    Do you wish that you could be the fashionable and giggling center of attention at every social gathering that you attend? Do you love the idea of talking and acting like an adorable whore, but find the idea of behaving like an overtly sexual and giggling ditzy slut in front of your cute friends and hunky admirers more than a little bit embarrassing? Do you want to be able to behave like an adorable little princess in public, but prefer to fuck like a simple little whore in the privacy of your own bedroom? Become a Valley Girl today and give into your pleasures and cravings as you learn to let your desires transform you into the bubbly, giggling ditz you have always fantasized about becoming.

    Let this completely interesting and important recording take you on a journey as you learn to love the idea of dressing in pastel colors and showing off your perfectly manicured nails and blonde hair to all of the cute strangers that you will find yourself constantly surrounded by. You will find yourself loving the idea of updating your hair color to the most fashionable feminine styles, may even find yourself craving to perfectly paint your nails to match the adorable pastel shades of your favorite girly outfits. Discover yourself automatically moving your hands through your hair whenever you are nervous and twirling your hair as you chew on your favorite gum whenever you are trying to flirt with your hunky admirers. Find yourself automatically inflecting your voice upwards at the end of your sentences, stretching out your vowels, and using the word ‘like’ as much as possible until you are talking and sounding exactly like the Valley Girls that you crave to idolize and emulate in your perfect future.

    Becoming a cute and adorable and giggling Valley Girl is fun and exciting and pleasurable! Learn how much more erotic and fulfilling it is to be fucked like the simple, giggling ‘Valley Girl’ you have always desired to be in your life.


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    What I wouldn't give for a himbo version of this like a ditzy beach bro!