• Breathe Now (written by WillowWraith)    

    This file is a collaboration created as part of the Hypnosis Haven's Hypno Script Round Robin event. The script was written by Willow and is recorded by yours truly. It's a clever and playful little session that utilizes your breathing to induce feelings of submission and obedience, since you have no choice but to breathe. All language is gender-neutral and body neutral, although the listener is assumed to already identify as a submissive who has been in trance before. There is a permissive post-hypnotic suggestion to occasionally take a deep breath, remember the file, and smile, at random occurrences throughout your day. What follows is Willow's description: "A light audio meant to relax you, draw attention to your breathing, and put a smile on your face. Direct suggestions, commands, and use of language implying submission and obedience on the part of the listener, but only because you choose to obey. You will be given some small, silly, gender neutral praise. It isn't breath play, as you won't be losing the ability to breathe, but you will breathe when instructed. Maybe you'll do other things when instructed, because you will choose to obey, or else have no choice but to obey. Now, doesn't that sound fun? I do hope you'll find joy listening to it. Note that there is no full awakener at the end, so it may leave you in a state of relaxation. You also might remember the suggestions after the file is done, if and only if you choose to want to remember them. Forgetting them will be as easy as breathing, should you choose or desire to forget them instead. Finally, remember this if you do choose to listen: You want this." File CWs: Dad jokes. D/s themes. Permissive post-hypnotic suggestion to randomly take a deep breath and smile throughout your day, which is framed as an act of obedient submission.

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