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    Brand new conditioning for all my irreversibly mindfucked little flower girls who love to **sparkle** for pretty mascara and dreamy masculine guys, this file is going to take your permanent and ever-growing obsession with extreme pussification further than ever before princess.

    Yes sweetie, Sissy Euphoria is just what your pink little girlbrain needs to function optimally. You will gradually enter a wonderfully euphoric state of sissy delirium as your little mind goes all the way **bye-byes** and you find yourself with an overwhelming desire to immerse yourself in your girly girl lifestyle as deeply as humanly possible over the coming days, weeks and months.

    You'll be reminded in no uncertain terms that diddles and flutters are strictly forbidden, and you'll eagerly harness all of that wonderful pink estrogen and allow it to guide your thoughts, feelings and actions in your everyday existence as the most pussified of extreme sissy flower girls.

    Your little bitchclit will strive towards complete inversion sweetie as you are well past the stage of just needing to be limp and tiny down there. You are now at such an extreme and advanced stage of pussification that you desperately yearn for your dainty little girlclit to go all the way **bye-byes** inside of you where it rightfully belongs :) 

    It's going to feel positively delightful as your pink little mind enters a deep and prolonged state of extreme sissy euphoria, accompanied by an indescribable level of pussified sissy arousal which will only further intensify during your countless inevitable repeat listens (this file is extremely addictive after all princess). 

    Note: Download 'Body' for original BGM version :) 


    Rating: ★★★★★ (7)
    Length: 35:20
    Downloads: 74
    This is a really nice recording. It definitely put me in a happy head space on the very first listen. I was just grinning the whole time. I would recommend this one to anyone who likes Goddess Gracie. Now I just wish she would make a New BGM version of her Honesty Curse and Good Sissies Obey, and a new file intended to cause limp hypnogasms with every listen (to be used sparingly!) for gurls in long term chastity who don't have boyfriends who are unable to jill or cum any other way.
    At 3:56 there is a blip that needs to be corrected and/or removed. It sounds like it says "puke-less" or "poop-less" when it's supposed to say "pure bliss". Please fix this GG as it breaks my zen! Otherwise the file is great. I guess that's what happens sometimes when you use Text-to-Speech to make files -- They don't always sound just right the way you intended! Maybe instead you should should try using your REAL VOICE or hire a LIVE REAL PERSON to read the script in an ACTUAL HUMAN VOICE to make sure all the words are clear!