• Pipe Horny - FatBoy54 - MMM Session - 2019 Script — $30 — ON SALE $24    

    Are you a pipe smoker looking to spice up your pipe fetish? This is the file for you!

    Ever wondered what it would be like to be stuck with a serious and uncontrollable addiction to pipes? Now, imagine that not only are you stuck smoking that pipe all the time, but that pipe made you insanely horny!

    Find out with this powerful pipe file! You'll be unable to put that pipe down and your dick will never stop begging for more attention!

    This file will have you smoking pipes nonstop and desperate to cum!


    Be that pipe smoker you always wanted to be!

    Mind Massage Machine session includes standard hypno file plus text and image subliminals and spiral. Can be used on a monitor or VR headset. Mind Massage Machine is available on Steam and connects to many VR headsets through Steam VR.

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    seems to work, been craving my pipe and smoking more since listening. I find myself packing multiple bowls when i can, smoking harder and stronger and feeling the addiction. We will see over time how it progresses
    Hi Dippinboi, I just recorded a new version of this file today. I may update the MMM file with the new audio and offer the choice between this and the new one :)