• Chronic Masturbator 2 - FatBoy54 - MMM Session — $35 — ON SALE $28    

    This is a MUCH more extreme file than the original. This file focuses on extreme unending sexual arousal with a permanent erection, regardless of the situation and who's around. It does let you pretend that everything is normal when needed and lets you keep your hands off if it'll affect your job or get you in legal trouble. Still, outside of those scenarios, you'll be masturbating at every opportunity, growing your porn addiction, and no amount of orgasms will be able to satisfy your lust! You'll be constantly looking for a private place to jack off, rubbing your erection through your pants under tables and desks, and so desperately, inconsolably horny!

    If you want to achieve extreme bator status, this is what you've been looking for! You'll always have masturbation on your mind, and you'll be proud of being a porn-addicted megabator!

    Nothing overtly gay if you're open to bate bros and mutual handies.

    It contains pleasure and trance triggers, in case we ever talk...

    Subliminal imagery contains fat men masturbating. If this is a problem, you can edit the session to your liking with the MMM session editor!


    P.S. Sorry about the sore arm ;)

    Mind Massage Machine session includes standard hypno file plus text and image subliminals and spiral. Can be used on a monitor or VR headset. Mind Massage Machine is available on Steam and connects to many VR headsets through Steam VR.

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    The audio is not included :(