• Smoking Makes You Poop — $25    

    Perhaps one of my stranger hypnotic offerings.  Perhaps you want to quit smoking and need real life consequences, perhaps you have a diaper and smoking fetish.  Either way, this permanent file causes you to lose bowel control the moment you smoke a cigarette.  It doesn't matter where you are or who you are with you won't get any warning and you won't be using a toilet, you will mess youreself so you'd better be in a diaper if you plan on smoking.

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    Length: 21:30
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    Will this file make you poop yourself if you're smoking a cigar, a vape, or smoking weed (flower, dab, or vape)?
    Could you think of a more vulgar name for a file? Lol! Sorry, but every time I see this file at the top of the main list I just can't help but laugh before I look away.