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    Pipe Horny - 2024 version

    Are you a pipe smoker looking to spice up your pipe fetish? This is the file for you!

    Ever wondered what it would be like to be stuck with a serious and uncontrollable addiction to pipes? Now, imagine that not only are you stuck smoking that pipe all the time, but that pipe made you insanely horny!

    Find out with this powerful pipe file! You'll be unable to put that pipe down and your dick will never stop begging for more attention!

    This file will have you smoking pipes nonstop and desperate to cum!

    Using the Ericksonian language patterns and my new induction file, the entire script has been re-written to be more effective and land much more deeply in the mind. It focuses on ensuring the subconscious is in control and that the conscious mind cannot rationalise its way out of firing up the next bowl. 

    Contains pleasure and trance triggers in case we ever chat!

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    Length: 46:14
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