• Unedutainment - Dumb Happy Baby Brain    

    A confusion/distraction brainwash track intended to fuzz out adult thoughts by scattering the listener's focus and reducing their attention span over repeated listenings. Contains several TTS loops. One plays constantly ("dumb happy baby brain") and two are intermittent between the L (diaper loving mantra) and R (pacifier, thumb, and bottle-sucking mantra) channels. A non-looping TTS track plays over top, providing various suggestions and mantras that encourage you to regress and simplify your thoughts. File is backed by a cover of "Wheels on the Bus" without any lyrics, as well as various distracting toy rattle noises to keep that baby brain occupied as you drool your smarts out.

    Headphones and a visual to stare at (baby toons, spiral, trainer video, pinkfong/cocomelon, etc.) are recommended!

    Infant Behavior
    Rating: ★★★★★ (1)
    Length: 10:19
    Downloads: 60
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