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    I am posting this as a free file for a couple of weeks in the hope of receiving some feedback for this new AI voice which I am considering switching to.  Please let me know what you think in the comments.

    For the version of this file voiced by Mistress Clarissa and links to other files in this series go here.

    The perfect file for insomniac sissies and all submissives with a feminine sense of identity.  Let the soft voice sooth you into the most beautiful sleep whilst she explains how deep your desire to be gentle, to be feminine and to be submissive is about to become.  A gentle, relaxing experience, designed for those who sometimes have difficulty sleeping, this file is not to be under-estimated.  You will be brainwashed to be a docile, obedient and feminine slave if you listen to this file and there will be no going back.  You have been warned.

    Rating: ★★★★★ (2)
    Length: 22:43
    Downloads: 65
    Fantastic, thank you mistress
    Can't listen to it because it is premium content although it has no price tag. But my opinion anyway: I have nothing against such an experiment as long as the audios are also sold with your voice. I cannot imagine that I ever buy an audio with an artificial voice. But I would be interested to hear it once since I already bought Sissy Slave Lullaby in the original version.
    Listened to this file all the way through. Only planned on checking the AI Voice. Nice file. The AI Voice is really nice.
    I loved the AI voice and the recording.
    Dear Ms J I could feel it.