• 0002 - Sissy Happy Therapy Clinic - Part 2 — $30    

    This is part 2 of my Happy Therapy series. In this part of your happiness training we go on a deep journey into the concept of hetero sexual pleasures but of course you are a sissy and those thoughts should be scary for you. In this file we dive deeper into your role in life. After listening to this file there will be no going back, sex with women will be absolutely terrifying for you. We go into every sexual act that a girl can have with you and create new triggers that will compliment all the triggers you learned in Part 1. After listening to this you will find peace and happiness in your inability to function sexually with any woman. You will understand that being a sissy is a way of life and you will become so grateful for being the Happiest Sissy In the World.

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    Length: 49:55
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