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    Explore your desires in a safe and realistic way and let your little mind become filled with cocks and cotton candy.  This file is a foundational bimbo training session with an emphasis on consent and safety.  The main purpose of this session is to begin to build a bimbo identity and to link sexual pleasure and happiness with being dumb and superficial.  You will be given a powerful trigger which will allow you to slip into your bimbo identifty and cause you to dumb down and become hyper sexual, deeply submissive and obsessed with your appearance.  

    This trigger will only work if used by yourself or someone you have given consent to and it will not affect your ability to work or maintain close relationships.  Be warned though, the more times you are triggered the more your bimbo state of mind will leak into your every day life and this file will give you the option of becoming a bimbo permanently.  This session does not reference assigned sex or genitalia although it does assume a feminine style of presentation.

    If there is demand I may expand on this training with more detailed and intense training.  This is a text to speech recording.

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    Length: 42:57
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    Trigger(by yourself)
    I cannot express how much I am looking forward to listening to this file. Any files you make to add onto this one's training I promise to buy immediately.