• Iron forge - Random Erection Time (vers2) — $35    

    Welcome to my Iron Forge.
    As it is already in the name, the offer is about hypnotic recordings, mainly around enhancing sexual erotic themes up to an extreme.

    This time in the offer:
    a temporarily conditioning for three days to make men becoming randomly hard like steel for an unknown time between 3 minutes up to half an hour.  Frankly, it makes any cock at an unknown time and place to become a steely boner. it just has to be safe without causing serious troubles, But ultimately random erection may happen really everywhere, at any given time out of the blue sky.
    You almost suffer from random erections because there isn't any limit set, except that the effect wears off completely after three days.

    This offer includes:
    The main hypnotic session (MP3) to meditate to, including Beats and subliminals to enhance effects.

    This is not for medical proposes, only to use for private entertainment education. For health problems, please consult your doctor. Because every subject reacts different to hypnosis, I even can't furnish a guarantee for this to work always the same way. But because hypnosis is a great tool and creating effects on almost every one of us, persistent listening is a key for success. Finally, everything is within your responsibility.

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    Length: 36:23
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