• Good Boys Try To Resist `M4M`    

    This file will make you focus only on what your cock wants whenever you are called a "Good Boy". Until you cum. Everytime you hear the trigger, you will feel aroused, lose interest in whatever you were doing and seek out sexual satisfaction immediately. Blank and horny. And if you try to resist this effect, you are simply playing right into the game.


    By listening, you accept responsibility for your loss of productivity when your owner/partner calls you a Good Boy and you are forced to become their horny lapdog. 


    Listen with headphones for the best experience.


    `Controlled by your cock until you cum`



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    Rating: ★★★★★ (2)
    Length: 36:32
    Downloads: 42
    Trigger(by anyone)
    this file has a unique voicing, a real person with a simple but effective mind game and is worth a listen for at least to attempt the challenge. i found it very enjoyable myself and find others may do the same