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    No induction, I recommend EMG's excellent Deepening 2 file.

    This is a remix of two seperate files for almost the same thing, and both had similar issues, which were most easily rectified by simply removing the extraneous material which served us no purpose (unneeded or already in place), took her out of trance, or just plain wasn't things she wanted to be aroused by or obsessed with; her goal was to be so aroused by participating in this activity, (which is one of my fetishes; her doing public cum facial displays) that she would be much more aroused and excited while doing it than she would be embarassed, to help her overcome her shyness, and make her feel as hungry and eager to do it again, after experiencing how sexy it was for her, as I myself will be -in short, to help her develop the same leval of pseudo-fetish, in the same area as her dominant lover, significant other.

    warning - there are no specific requirements that the cum come from your current lover, though it also doesn't state that it won't, more like you'll be happy to take it where you can get it but probably only with someone who you were already going to have sex with. 

    though it's made for a straight female, it should work fine for gay males, and transgender m to f, or really anyone who has has a interest in enjoying cum more on their skin, esp.on their face, and who hopes to do public cum facial displays in their sexy outfit and feel very happy, horny, and excited by it; repeat listening will have this effect, and you will want to do it again.

    thought I'd post it here for y'all.

    the original files were 'Rub Cum on Yourself' by Katnewix, and 'Train Facial Cum Slut' by Boffa,   

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