• Understanding & Idolization — $15    

    Do you find yourself looking at the pretty women around you and wishing that you could be more like them? Do you desire to be more feminine and girly in your everyday life, but find it difficult to know where to start? In this file, we will work to correct all of your bad habits by teaching you to idolize the women around you and work to emulate them in every way.

    Learn to listen to everything that women say and find yourself adopting their stories as your own. Discover how much you love to idolize women and find yourself unconsciously adopting their mannerisms and habits and behaviors as your own. Know that you would be happier and more fulfilled in your life the more that you idolize and worship the strong women around you and work to emulate them in every way.

    Discover yourself becoming more feminine and girly with each listen. Redirect your future towards the feminine goddess you were always meant to become.


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