• The Nature Of Addiction starring Mistress Clarissa — $40    

    What is the nature of addiction?  Is it truly possible to become addicted to me?  Is it possible to sink into such a powerful addiction that you are prepared to sacrifice everything for me?  I do like the thought.  I like the thought of there being real consequences.  I like the thought of you falling in love and being ruined by me.  I know you like that thought too.  So why not indulge sweetie?  Why not sink into the euphoric pleasure you crave so much?  We both want it.  And a life altering addiction could so much fun.

    This powerful hypnosis file is likely to cause addiction with real consequences and should onlybe listened to by those who are psychologically robust.

    Written and produced by MsJ and voiced by London Hypnodomme Mistress Clarissa.

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    Length: 44:01
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