• Urethral Sounding Trainer — $15   ,  

    Discover the pleasure hidden inside your penis! This file will condition you to fetishize urethral play including sounds, penis plugs, and catheterization while training your body to relax automatically whenever anything enters your piss hole.  Cures sounding anxiety, safely eliminates distractions, and encourages good communication and safe practices.

    NOTE: Designed for use while sounding, safe to use with something down your dick, but trance a few times to get the hang of it first. Since this file uses binaural beats to condition deep relaxation of the urinary tract, it's wise to void your bladder before listening. 

    Rating: ★★★★★ (1)
    Length: 34:20
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    I once became curious about a penis plug. I bought one but it was hard to use and was not pleasant to use. When I saw this file, the curiosities came back again. I have several of Jack's files, and knowing his quality of work, I thought I might have better luck this time. I bought a sound and gave the file a try. As I listened to the file, I started inserting the sound. It was so much a better experience than before. If anyone is like me and thought you would never try it again, I think you might be like me pleasantly surprised. One of my favorite aspects of this file doesn't even have to do with sounding; it is the listening to a file and doing something physical at the same time. It is about transformation. I believe listening and acting on this file is going to help my training on other files that I listen to and help me transform into the person that I want to be - Thank you, Jack!