• The Hypnr Service Hotline (by Willow Wreath)    

    It's another collaboration with Willow Wreath!


    Did you call the Hypnr Service Hotline looking for assistance with an issue you're having? Please allow our agents to assist you. Don't worry, they know how to effortlessly slip inside your mind to discover the best way to satisfy you, even if the wait times are rather long. While you wait, you may find yourself relaxing, feeling pleased or satisfied, and in the end, you might forget why you called in the first place. You might forget whether you are a client or a dedicated agent yourself.


    Script written by: Willow Wreath

    File recorded by: Mutt


    File CWs: Brainwashing references, obedience, subversive software, forgetting, memory editing, programming, covert hypnosis, confusion, suggests re-listening, dronification, non-specific pleasure, technobabble, hold muzak

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