• Pussy Fear — $15    

    Do you find yourself annoyingly attracted to women when all that you desire is a hard cock between your lips? Do you wish that you could just forget about ever having been attracted to a woman's pussy and instead become more attracted to the hard cocks and hunky men that you love to be around?

    In this file, you will learn to develop a healthy fear and aversion to a woman's vagina. Experience nausea and become upset whenever you think about a disgusting and gross pussy and find yourself wanting to throw up if you ever get anywhere close to a woman’s sex. Become fearful and nervous and worried if a woman ever invites you to fuck them and remember that you have never been able to become aroused long enough in order to satisfy a vagina. Know that you have always had a fear of a woman's pussy and that you prefer to be around hard cocks and hunky men as much as possible.

    Listen now to develop the pussy fear that you have always desired. Give yourself that extra push to start dating and fucking all of those sexy men you have always craved and fantasized about.


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