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    Your Welcome - Second Puberty:
    Especially for males to make the cock grow and to enhance erection just like once during Puberty. This session simply increases special hormones to introduce a second puberty for your cock, including all its consequences. Basically it’s the same thing, just occurring very much accelerated. You may remember your teen time, what happened with your penis: 
    But I guess you know, and so there is no need to talk about it. Just you need to be sure, that you want this to happen a second time.
    This even is very open, the outcomes aren't really set, just expect for your cock to be huge and powerful in every way. And of course it’s permanent like your first puberty.

    This offer includes:
    The main hypnotic session (MP3) to meditate to, including Beats and subliminals to enhance desired effects.
    A loopable version (Body) to listen to overnight, including very relaxing sounds, more prominent than in the main session.

    This is not for medical proposes, only to use for private entertainment education. For health problems, please consult your doctor. Because every subject reacts different to hypnosis, I even can't furnish a guarantee for this to work always the same way. But because hypnosis is a great tool and creating effects on almost every one of us, persistent listening is a key for success. Finally, everything is within your responsibility.

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