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    This findom cocksucking and exposure full length trance is perfect for Mistress Clarissa’s piggies or financial slaves who like to be powerless, addicted, blackmailed and humiliated.

    It can be listened to as you sleep or go about your day.

    It’s aimed at deepening your need to send, and to enjoy cocksucking for your Mistresses amusement as a form of forced bi humiliation. The deeper you sink into addiction, the more you will need and want to send, and to suck, to provide evidence, and the worse it will get, and the more you will love Mistress Clarissa for her cruelty.

    As many of you will already know Mistress Clarissa’s soft sensual voice and crisp British accent make it so very pleasurable to sink into trance and to take her words deep inside your mind.

    Listening to the loop, and letting the words cycle round and round in your mind will deepen your need to listen more. You will simply love Mistress Clarissa more than ever for intensifying your piggy fetish, making you a cocksucker and exploiting your weakness.

    This loop is not suitable for those who are psychologically fragile. It may result in power exchange outcomes including bankruptcy, divorce and exposure.

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    Length: 40:24
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