• Sweet Submissive Girl Brainwashing Loop (AI) — $15    

    A powerful and warm brainwashing loop designed to strengthen all of the changes introduced in my Sweet Submissive Girl file.  

    Listen on loop throughout the day and slowly rid yourself of any trace of masculinity as you become full of feminine bliss.  This file will help give you the confidence and determination to start living as the sweet girly thing you are and help you to develop a gentle and submissive nature.  Whilst the recording will be more effective when used in conjunction with the trance file it can also be used alone to increase your femininity.

    This recording is made using a high quality single AI voice.  A version featuring Mistress Clarissa will be released soon.  A TTS version is also included.  Please note that this is not produced to my normal standard and may contain errors or mispronunciations.  It is included as an optional extra only for those who prefer that voice. 

    A shortened version of this loop is available as a bonus file for my followers on Patreon

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    Length: 16:01
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