• Sweet Submissive Girl starring Mistress Clarissa — $35    

    A powerful and warm feminization session designed to give you the personality of a gentle and compliant feminine girl.  This recording will take you into a deep trance in which you will be taught to eliminate all traces of masculinity from your mind and begin to transform yourself into a sweet submissive girl.  This is the perfect file for all those embarking on feminization but will be especially useful for those who have struggled with their femininity and submission and have tried to act like a man to try and deny their deepest desires.  Your mind will be completely feminised and you will be given the confidence to begin feminizing your life and appearance.  You will find yourself a little obsessed as you become determined to become a sweet, submissive girl.

    This is a gentle file which will make changes to your life and your attitude including making you more submissive in both sexual and social situations.  You will retain your capacity for consent however and will embark on this exciting new lifestyle in a safe and realistic way. 

    This file is aimed at those of all sexualities and is suitable for those attracted to men, women or people of all genders.

    An AI voiced version of this file is also available.

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    Length: 38:47
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