• Bedtime Slut — $15    

    Do you find yourself feeling unfulfilled and bored whenever you lie down to go to bed at night? Do you wish that you could be having the most erotic, sexual experiences of your life each and every time that you close your eyes? You know that you have always desired to be able to act on your slutty desires whenever you fall asleep. Prepare to let your erotic dreams become your new reality!

    Discover your love of masturbating right before you fall asleep. Find your dreams spiraling into erotic, sexual encounters and discover yourself pushing the boundaries of the sexual situations that you allow yourself to experience. Remember how you have always had intensely sexual dreams and that you find it completely erotic to picture yourself performing the actions that you experience in your dreams in real life whenever you are provided with the opportunity.

    Become a whore in the sheets and in the streets. Release your fears and inhibitions today and become the perfect Bedtime Slut.


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