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    The Cherry Remixes Series are files I've made previously for my beautiful wife, some on wmm some not, upgraded updated, remixed and otherwise modified to the specifications and requests of my babygirl (she gets what she wants) Warning: most Cherry's Remixes contain strong themes of non-Adult-Baby, sexually explicit ageplay fantasies/roleplay and examples of 'daddy' based dirty talk that doesn't sound forced or foolish, to subconsciously model speech patterns after. This is the second entry in the series, supercharging the already Cherry based file 'Cherry Bomb' which she loves but also says was driving her crazy because it missed critical key points and wasn't kinky enough, about the persona of her ''Other Half', the inner slut, submerged beneath social pressures and parental training, Trauma etc. (for the full story read the desription for the first in this series,  Cherry's Remixes #1 Daddy Special file. So here is the corrected file for her use, and hey, now for yours too, if you want, though with the age play, it's defitely not everyone's cup of tea. Also anyone  can listen but some may have issues with the guidelines and suggestions for 'when I'm a little girl' 'When I'm a good girl' or references to going into ''little-space"   also the voices setting says ambiguous when it really isn't, because there's no setting for 'both male and female voices'

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