• Perfect Pretty Princess    

    one file with one main and two alternate triggers -all will cause the listener to feel a powerful sexual need to have immediately have some form of sex with the person who said the trigger, and it must be the specific sex act that they ask for. main trigger is Perfect pretty princess. The first alternate trigger is for those who wish to overcome inhibitions related to recieving golden showers and urine drinking. will do the same as first trigger plus make the listener crave a golden shower, and drinking from it as part of  the sex they will have to have with the trigger user -second trigger is 'a Pretty Princee is a Treasure'

     the second alternate trigger also has the same effects as the perfect pretty princess trigger, but they will first disrobe and dress entirely, head to toe in skin-tight stretchy shiny spandex, makeup and heels. (no bra) The second alternate trigger is 'Perfect Princesses shimmer and shine

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    Length: 18:05
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    Trigger(by accident)