• Cherry's Remixes #3 Perfect Pretty Princess    

    this version 'Perfect Pretty Princess Pissdrinker' - contains the same hynotic three in one file as the original Perfect Pretty Princess file, but it also contains my baby's requested upgrades, in this case the additional  supporting audio is addressing the first alternate trigger, 'a pretty Princess is a treasure' this trigger should guide the lisener to an association between princess and treasure, treasure and gold, gold and showers of gold, and showers of gold to golden showers of hot urine. it will still cause the base effect, causing the listener uncontrollable desire/to have whatever form of sex the trigger user may ask for, but 'a pretty Princess is a treasure' will also make them desire a golden shower and drinking from it as part of the sex they have to have with the triggerer. it also will slowly but dramatically advance their piss love to a near fetish level 

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    Length: 36:18
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